Direct Comms - SMS The future in customer care.

How our SMS & Voice services work for you…easy!

  • We work with any system & LMS (Library Management System)
  • No need for any software or hardware on your network
  • We manage everything for you, so you can get on with what you need to do…
  • Benefits to you and your library customers in using DirectComms’ service:

    We have a successful and proven track record that spans over 15 years.
    We specialise in providing library notifications to libraries around Australia, across a variety of LMS systems
    1. We manage the every-day mundane message-delivery issues for you. We offer a premium service that is necessary to ensure a robust end-to-end process. This includes management of such things as:

    2. Library data sent to customers is ‘time sensitive’ & is rendered useless very quickly, which can frustrate your customers & cause administrative overheads for the library (answering calls from irate customers etc). We have a dedicated team to resolve issues as soon as they arise…unlikely you’ll get this quality service from anyone else in the industry!
    3. We reach all Australian mobile networks
    4. By combining our automated land-line service with the SMS service, you reach a much higher percentage of your library customers (ie it enables you to reach those people without email or mobile phones or in poor mobile-reception areas)
    5. Fully customisable messages to suit needs of the library and your customers; Customisation SMS & landline messages includes nomination of the pick-up branch (if applicable) and the date the item will be held till (based on the data that we receive and can extract)
    6. The word ‘Library’ appears in the recipient’s inbox on their mobile, making it easy to identify the SMS text is from a trusted source
    7. The library name is highlighted in the introduction of a voice call, so the receiver is put at ease
    8. DirectComms also provides a set of ‘safety net’, as a no-charge courtesy service for the library; and to ensure the library is in complete control and informed on important items
    9. No minimum monthly spend requirements.

    Description of our Automated Voice service:

    1. Speaks in a clear Australian voice (or in another accent, if preferred)
    2. Only calls/retries within a defined period that you set (eg you can set a cut-off time at 7pm)
    3. Retries at random times if no answer; only within the cut-off time
    4. Retries at random times if engaged; only within the cut-off time
    5. Leaves a message on an answering service (after the ‘beep’ is encountered)
    6. Sends you end-of-day exception reports re any failures/errors
    7. Allows you to configure just the body of message to be repeated (if you desire)
    8. Allows you to include an introduction prior to the message beginning. This can be useful to give the receiver an opportunity to understand that the message is from a trusted source
    9. Makes voice calls to landlines & mobiles.